Water usage

Understanding Your Home’s Water Usage

Water is a vital component of any home’s daily activities. From the heating and the plumbing to cooking and even landscaping, there’s almost an endless list of ways in which we use water every day. According to a 2016 study by the Water Research Foundation (“Residential End Uses of Water, Version 2.”), an average American home with four members will use over 10,000 gallons of water monthly. This amounts to almost 100 gallons per day per person.

Understanding Your Home’s Water Usage

With this level of consumption, understanding just how water is used in your household offers important information that could aid you and your family in essential water conservation efforts.

The Importance of Saving Water

Since the record three-year shortage of water in 2012, California has made water conservation a top priority. The government has taken numerous steps to encourage homes and businesses to save water as much as possible. However, conserving this valuable limited resource extends much further than simply being environmentally friendly. Optimizing your household usage of water can also save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill every year.

Breaking Down Water Usage

Almost half of your home’s water consumption can be attributed to bathroom and toilet functions (44%,) while kitchen and laundry use make up more than a third (36%). Approximately 12% of your usage is written off as leaks in your plumbing system. From these numbers, it’s easy to see that maintaining your pipes is critical to reducing water consumption and saving money.

Understanding the Charges

Water usage is primarily measured in gallons, but you may also see CCF (centum cubic feet) or HCF (hundred cubic feet) used. Depending on your provider, your water utility rates may vary. The most common types of rates are uniform rates, increasing and declining block rates, seasonal rates and drought rates.

Uniform rates charge a uniform price per unit consumed. while Increasing block rates will charge a steadily higher rate the more water you consume. The opposite is true for declining block rates. Seasonal and drought rates depend on reservoir availability and affect pricing accordingly.

Prioritizing Water Conservation Since 2000

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