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Palo Alto Plumbing Heating & Air is a family owned and operated company that offers air conditioning and heating service in the Los Altos, Mountain View, and Palo Alto, CA area. For decades, we have been a trusted name in plumbing, heating and air conditioning services. We are happy to install and service any brand of heating or cooling equipment. In addition, we can handle any type of plumbing fixture. We understand you need urgent help when your plumbing or AC system malfunctions. For this reason, we are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. When you get in touch with us, we will be able to solve your problem the earliest time possible.


Tax Credits

Improving the efficiency of your home does not have to cripple you financially. We are in a position to direct you to the Federal Tax Credit site that can help you get credits.

HVAC Maintenance


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Palo Alto Plumbing Heating & Air can help you get helpful information about rebate amounts, qualification, and deadlines. Two rebate forms are required, accessible at the Federal Tax Credit site. Furthermore, we have direct links that can help you access the Form 1040 and Form 5695.

To complete the rebate forms, you need the following information: Manufacturer of Equipment, Model, Serial, BTUH heating rating (for furnace only), BTUH cooling rating (AC or heat pump only), AFUE rating, SEER rating (AC or heat pump only), and signed permit card from the building department. We will provide you with this important information on your invoice, save for the Signed-off Permit Card which remains at the residence after the final inspection has been performed.

Conservation tips

The importance of conserving water indoors cannot be overestimated. The following guidelines can help make your home water efficient:

•Kitchen/laundry room
Faucets with aerators on the kitchen and bathroom sink can help reduce water usage by about 4%. During the water audits, our inspectors will be in a position to offer faucet aerators from San Jose Water Company. Furthermore, operating your clothes and dish washers with full loads can save on energy costs and water. Modern high-efficiency clothes washers can also help reduce energy and water consumption by up to 40%.

Fixing toilet leaks can help conserve water. Check to see the level of water in the toilet tank; it should be just an inch below the tube’s top and not above the overflow tube. Also check the toilet flapper to determine whether the seating is right. Wear and tear is common with the passage of time, resulting in the flatter not working effectively. In addition, taking shorter showers of 5 minutes and using the shower instead of the bath tub can save 15-45 gallons of water. If you have a toilet that was installed before 1992, it is advisable to consider replacing the toilet to save you over 2.2 gallons per flush. In addition, installing low-flow shower heads can save you over 4.5 gallons per minute. Moreover, turning off your tap while shaving or brushing your teeth can save you water, considering a typical faucet utilizes 2 gallons of water per minute.