Congratulations! You have either improved your homes efficiency and are looking for tax credits, or you are researching this possibility. Let us help direct you to the sites and forms that you will need for this process:

The website for the Federal Tax Credit application forms: Click Here

After clicking on this link click on “how to apply for Federal Tax Credit”, you will also find helpful information about rebates amounts, deadlines and qualifications. There are two forms that are required for rebates. They can be found on the website above. We also have direct links to these forms below

Please Fill out Form 1040 and Form 5695

You will need the information below to complete the rebate forms. Palo Alto Plumbing provides you with all of this information on your final invoice. The only exception is the Signed Off Permit Card. This card will be left at the residence after the final inspection.

  • 1. Manufacturer of Equipment
  • 2. Model #
  • 3. Serial #
  • 4. BTUH heat rating (furnace only)
  • 5. BTUH cooling rating (heat pump or AC only)
  • 6. AFUE rating
  • 7. SEER rating (heat pump or AC only)
  • 8. Signed off permit card from building department.

Please note that a few of these items can change based on the equipment installed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.