NATE Certification Provides An Additional Level Of Expertise

It’s not unusual for people to ask — what does NATE certified mean? After all, unless you are in the heating and cooling industry, chances are this is not something that you have come across. Fortunately, a simple explanation can help homeowners discover why NATE certification is important to the quality of HVAC service they receive.

What is NATE certification?

NATE certification is an important indicator of a HVAC technician’s commitment to ensuring the highest quality services possible. NATE certification requires that a service technician pass two separate tests. The first test is an examination of their understanding of basic tools, safety procedures, principles of electrical components, heat transfer and a variety of skills. In addition to requiring a passing grade of 70% on the core exam, NATE certification requires the technician to choose an area of concentration or specialization and pass an exam on this chosen field. This specialization can range from air conditioning or air distribution to commercial refrigeration or gas heating. With a concentration on a specific area of expertise, the HVAC technician is better able to provide expert services.

Why Choose NATE Certified Technicians?

Homeowners often wonder if it is important to choose NATE certified technicians. It can be hard to understand the benefits of this extra training and accreditation, especially since all heating and cooling technicians are required to be licensed before they can perform HVAC services. The difference between a licensed HVAC technician and a NATE certified technician is that one has made the decision to further their understanding of issues pertaining to the HVAC industry. NATE certified technicians are certainly required to be licensed and carry the appropriate insurance, but they have also taken their training and willingness to learn as much as possible about their chosen field to the highest level.

In addition to choosing a NATE certified technician for general repairs and service, it is important to consider how they can provide exceptional AC maintenance. It is recommended that all air conditioners be serviced at least once each year. This preventative maintenance inspection is the ideal time to make any necessary adjustments and ensure your cooling system will be able to handle another summer. Schedule your maintenance service today and take comfort in a more reliable and energy efficient air conditioner this summer.