2015 Water Heater Efficiency Regulation Changes

2015 Water Heater Efficiency Regulation Changes

The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) was recently approved by the US congress and will usher in a number of new regulations in water heater efficiency. The act which will be administered by the Department of Energy has come to effect already and will have significant impact on how water heaters are used and bought in the US. In case you are not sure how the new act affects you, here are some of the major 2015 water heater regulation changes to keep in mind. Additionally, it is important to note that all heaters produced after 16th April 2015 will have to meet the new standards.


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Price Increase in Water Heaters

The new regulations are simply trying to inspire better energy efficiency in water heaters. The technology needed and the materials that will be added in the manufacture of water heaters will add to the overall cost which will be transferred to the consumer. So the next time you are out to buy water heaters, chances are you will see a price difference compared to previous ones due to the 2015 regulations.

You May Need Custom Installation

It is becoming evidently clear that in order for water heater manufacturers to confirm to the new regulations, they will have to alter the design of water heaters a little bit. This may not be normal, especially when it comes to installation. In that case, homeowners will need to get custom installation solutions to ensure that the new design is installed safely and correctly.

Large Tanks Will Be Discontinued

If you have a large electric tank, you should know that they are being discontinued. Although it is clear that new products may come to replace the tanks, the alternative is yet to be seen. However, you can deal with this by considering moving to a tank less water heater. Additionally, you can also go for smaller tanks that will still work for you.

The changes in water heater regulations in 2015 are certainly not the last. These changes are basically designed to increase energy efficiency; however, you have to adapt the best way possible. Follow our blog for more information on heating, cooling, and keeping your home energy efficient.