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3 tips to clear a clogged toilet

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Clogged Toilet Solutions Plunger Method

A clogged toilet can ruin one’s day, especially if the clog continues to stop up your toilet. Sometimes a clogged toilet can remain stopped up and if you only have one toilet in your home, this can be a major problem. It is important for home owners to have access to many different methods of clearing a clogged toilet as different items can cause different clogging issues. Below are three different options for clearing a toilet, so you can quickly have a commode that is back in action!

The most common option that home owners use for a clogged toilet is the plunger method. Every home owner should have a plunger in the home to use for a clogged toilet. To use the plunger you will need to carefully place the open end on the inside of the toilet. If the toilet is full of water, do this as easily as you can so that little to no water moves from the inside of the toilet to your floor. Once you have the plunger over the opening inside the Clogged Toilet Solutions, use pressure to push down on the plunger and then pull up slowly. Do this several times until the clog becomes unstuck and the water rushes down the drain.

Toilet Auger

Another option is a toilet auger. An auger can be purchased from a home department store and has a very minimal cost. Auger is the technical term but is more commonly known as a drain snake. This option is a cord like apparatus and is placed inside the drain. You then use a crank and push the snake up the drain to remove the clog. This snake can move up the drain and pull or push the clog to clear the way for the water to be removed from the toilet.

Wet Vac Method

Another option that can be tried is the wet vac method. A wet vacuum can be used to suck the water out of the Clogged Toilet Solutions and then be placed down the opening to try and remove the clog. This will work if the clog is hair or paper. Simply turn the wet vac on and try this method if you do not have luck with the other options.
These are just a few of the unclogging methods which can be used to remove a Clogged Toilet Solutions. Always practice caution and if all else fails, contact your local plumber to take care of your plumbing needs!