Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

A power surge is a brief spike in electricity voltage passing through the line. Household electronics may survive one power surge; however, hard-wired electronics are the first to suffer when a power surge occurs. Heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, and air conditioning units represent a major investment; therefore, just because they may withstand one power surge does not mean they can handle multiple others. All electrical appliances are designed to handle a specific voltage. Homeowners should therefore take reasonable steps to protect their HVAC systems from power surges.


Many different things can cause a power surge, and no home is immune to power surges. Some of the most common causes of power surges include:

• Electrical or lighting storms

• Faulty wiring

• Power outages

• Downed electric power lines

• Power plant maintenance operations

• Faulty electrical components


Power surges are random, and there is no way that one can evade or predict them. However, homeowners can take a few simple steps to protect their comfort systems from expensive damage. One is by securing the whole house at the point at which power is connected. Secondly, one can use a surge protector directly connected to the household appliance in use. Surge protectors work by grounding the additional voltage, thereby protecting the sensitive electronic devices. An HVAC surge protector will shut off the system to protect its electrical components.


Shutting the system down is what saves it from succumbing to the damaging effects of a power surge. Once the system shuts down, it is important to follow the right steps to restart it properly. Each heating and cooling system varies in terms of the booting procedure after a forced shut down. Some systems are easy to handle, but some might need someone with a bit of technological knowledge. The best way to handle a system reboot is to call an experienced and certified service technician for high quality HVAC maintenance.


In summary,as a homeowner you should understand that all homes are subject to spikes and surges; therefore, if you want to protect your home utilities, you need to invest in a good home power surge protection system. Your heating and cooling system is an investment worth protecting.

NATE Certification Provides An Additional Level Of Expertise

It’s not unusual for people to ask — what does NATE certified mean? After all, unless you are in the heating and cooling industry, chances are this is not something that you have come across. Fortunately, a simple explanation can help homeowners discover why NATE certification is important to the quality of HVAC service they receive.

What is NATE certification?

NATE certification is an important indicator of a HVAC technician’s commitment to ensuring the highest quality services possible. NATE certification requires that a service technician pass two separate tests. The first test is an examination of their understanding of basic tools, safety procedures, principles of electrical components, heat transfer and a variety of skills. In addition to requiring a passing grade of 70% on the core exam, NATE certification requires the technician to choose an area of concentration or specialization and pass an exam on this chosen field. This specialization can range from air conditioning or air distribution to commercial refrigeration or gas heating. With a concentration on a specific area of expertise, the HVAC technician is better able to provide expert services.

Why Choose NATE Certified Technicians?

Homeowners often wonder if it is important to choose NATE certified technicians. It can be hard to understand the benefits of this extra training and accreditation, especially since all heating and cooling technicians are required to be licensed before they can perform HVAC services. The difference between a licensed HVAC technician and a NATE certified technician is that one has made the decision to further their understanding of issues pertaining to the HVAC industry. NATE certified technicians are certainly required to be licensed and carry the appropriate insurance, but they have also taken their training and willingness to learn as much as possible about their chosen field to the highest level.

In addition to choosing a NATE certified technician for general repairs and service, it is important to consider how they can provide exceptional AC maintenance. It is recommended that all air conditioners be serviced at least once each year. This preventative maintenance inspection is the ideal time to make any necessary adjustments and ensure your cooling system will be able to handle another summer. Schedule your maintenance service today and take comfort in a more reliable and energy efficient air conditioner this summer.

Lower The AC Or Turn On A Ceiling Fan: Which Is More Energy Efficient?

Have you been looking for an effective way to lower summer cooling bills? With the temperatures rising, many homeowners are anxious to find strategies to keep energy bills affordable; however, the thought of a summer spent in the sweltering heat with no relief is certainly not the answer. Fortunately, you do have options. A recent report by the New York Times outlines the cost of running an air conditioner versus simply using a ceiling fan. While a central air conditioning system, or even a window air conditioner, can provide a much cooler environment, a ceiling fan can help lower your cooling costs by working together with your air conditioner to keep temperatures comfortable while also saving you money.

The New York Times report stated that the cost of operating a typical ceiling fan for one hour was only 1 cent, while a central air conditioner would cost 36 cents per hour and a window air conditioner 14 cents. For most homeowners, the use of a ceiling fan alone might not be enough to provide a sufficiently comfortable indoor temperature but, using a ceiling fan in conjunction with an air conditioner can provide the same level of comfort as using an air conditioner by itself. The only difference would be in the amount of energy used as well as home energy costs. In fact, even a high efficiency air conditioning system can be used with a ceiling fan in order to lower energy consumption and monthly utility bills.

The report issued by the Times states that the use of a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the setting on your home’s air conditioner by up to 12 degrees, without any difference in indoor temperature from just running the air conditioner on its own. This certainly provides an opportunity to save a significant amount of money over the span of an entire cooling season.

An energy savings plan is an important part of reducing cooling costs this summer. Fortunately, a few simple strategies can make a big difference in your monthly energy bills. For example, when you want A/C money saving tips, it is clear that using a ceiling fan can help. Other strategies to add to your summer energy savings plan include making sure your weather stripping is in good condition, professional A/C maintenance, installing a programmable thermostat and minimizing sun exposure by planting trees or keeping blinds closed. If you want to save money this summer, now is the time to put together your energy savings plan.

Common Air Conditioning System Problems

Keeping your central air conditioning unit regularly maintained will deliver the best return on your investment. Although these units are built to go years without needing repairs, there are times when they don’t work as designed. By identifying the most common causes and solutions to non-working units, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your home.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant level should match the manufacturer’s specifications and the unit should not be undercharged or overcharged. If your central air conditioner needs charged frequently, it can indicate a leak in the pipes that carry the refrigerant to the unit. Getting Freon charged is a simple, easy fix. Refrigerant leaks can also be harmful to your home’s environment, so it is essential that you have any leaks repaired immediately.

Sensor and Thermostat Problems

The sensors in your thermostat will largely determine the quality and consistency of the air blowing into your home. If the sensors on your thermostat are broken, it can cause your unit to behave erratically, cycling on and off and refusing to turn off. Checking thermostat to make sure the sensors are correct is the best way to diagnose and fix this problem.

Dirty and Damaged Components

When the air filters and coils become dirty and damaged, they can affect your unit’s performance. Wires can corrode and become damaged, causing the compressor and fan controls to wear out. This can mean a major repair down the line, so it is essential to have regular maintenance performed on your unit.

During the fall and winter months, debris like rocks, branches and leaves can clog your exterior unit, affecting its performance. During regular maintenance, your heating and cooling technician will troubleshoot your exterior unit, replacing any damaged hoses that might lead to weakened performance.

Problems With the Motor

If your unit is not blowing air at all, it could indicate a blown motor. To test the motor, go out to your exterior unit and check to see if the blades are rotating as normal. If they are not, it can indicate that the motor is blown. Motors often wear down before they blow out completely, so having your system maintained will catch this before it becomes a major problem.

Getting Regular Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning Unit

The key to enjoying a comfortable home year round is to schedule annual maintenance on your air conditioning system. A certified technician will visit your home and perform a complete diagnostic, ensuring that all parts are working correctly.

Don’t delay in scheduling your maintenance. In many cases, a certified technician can catch small problems before they become major repair issues. Schedule your maintenance at the beginning of the cooling season for best results.

Call your technician and schedule your annual maintenance today.

Obtaining Optimal Comfort with Top-Rated Heat Pumps


Maintaining the comfort of your home is extremely important and the temperature inside will dictate that comfort level. The proper heat pump can keep a space perfectly warm in the winter and cool on those blistering summer days. With over 100 years of experience, Bryant continues to offer a dependable selection of heat pumps to consumers. Their dedication to personal comfort has established their place among the top-rated heat pumps on the market.


The top of the line Bryant heat pump is the Evolution Extreme model. This unit offers up to 13 HSPF heating efficiency as well as 20.5 SEER cooling capability. It utilizes the patented AeroQuiet system to keep noise at a minimum and has an unsurpassed control system that allows for variable speed operations. Upon registration, this Extreme also comes with a 10 year limited parts warranty. Evolution heat pumps are equipped with a specific diagnostic system in addition to the PerfectHumidity system. The reliable Evolution Systems line offered by Bryant allows for the most energy efficient performance along with the most options for comfort.


A cost-effective heat pump is by far the most sensible choice when purchasing a new unit for your home or business. Bryant offers two units that are a bit more economical for the average consumer. These are the Legacy Line and the Preferred Series. When comparing pumps, it is important to keep the HSPF ratings and the SEER ratings in mind. The higher the rating, the more savings will be for you. Bryant dealers can help you select the model that not only fits the best in your space, but respects your budget as well.


Each unit in this line-up is an efficient and reliable Bryant heat pump. Most choices are available in EnergyStar units which not only help protect the environment, but they will protect the pocketbook as well. All of these heat pumps utilize Puron refrigerant which is designed specifically to be harmless to the ozone layer. These units have another common characteristic in the fact that they are extremely quiet, which minimizes noisy interruptions at home.


The market is saturated with various brands and models of heat pumps. Choosing the perfect unit can be overwhelming but also a difficult decision. However, trusting Bryant for your personal comfort can be made in confidence and with true peace of mind. A top-rated heat pump will keep your space comfy, cozy and ideal.

SEER: Understand the rating system and how it affects the quality of AC System

Installing a new AC system is quite overwhelming at times. There is so much to consider that you can become bogged down in the decision making process. Working with a trusted contractor can help take that stress out of the situation. You can easily find a licensed and certified contractor to help you answer all your AC system questions.

One of those questions you may have is about the SEER rating. This rating is one that in recent years have become a huge factor in the air conditioning industry. Take a look at what it is and how it affects your AC system.

What is the SEER?
The SEER rating is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This basically tells you how well your new system will cool your home in the peak seasons. This is a number that in recent years has been raised by the government requirements. Now units must maintain a minimum rating of 13 on all units produced. This rating is important because it tells you how efficient your new AC system is.

Why does it matter?
When installing your new unit, you want one that is good for the environment and good for your wallet. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit is at cooling your home. That means it takes less drain on the system and uses less energy to do the same job your current unit is doing. For example, moving up a few rating on the SEER scale can sometimes mean a savings of $300 a year in your power bill. This means you can save money on installing this new unit and even get rebates for your Energy Star approved appliance. Some offer tax rebates through both the federal government and the utility company.

How do I know the right one?
That is a question to ask your contractor. They work with these units everyday and can recommend the best products for your ideal situation. All homes and offices are different sizes and have different cooling needs. When you are considering installing your new unit be sure to talk with your contractor about the SEER rating to better get an understanding of it. They can assist you in finding the perfect unit for all your cooling needs.

Your contractor should be licensed, insured and certified before you work with them. Be sure to ask questions of them and be comfortable with the answers you are given. They can give you tons of information and help you to lower your energy bills and your energy consumption all at one time.

Do not forget to research the SEER ratings on the units you are interested in to see how well they will cool your home when installed. You can easily find an efficient system and cut costs in your home today. Start saving money and energy by installing a higher rated air conditioning system in your home today.

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How Can I Keep My AC Unit in Top Condition?

Everyone wants to make sure that their home systems are going to be working to the highest level possible. In order to do this, you need to make sure that your system is looked after properly. The AC is going to be particularly important to those who live in places where the temperature can end up reaching some considerably extremes. As a result, you will need to ensure that you have a contractor close by who will be able to take a look at your system and ensure that everything works out properly. You will also want to keep a manual nearby, just in case something happens and you can’t reach the air conditioning contractor on time. Even though you may require a repair now and again, you will be able to do a couple of things that will help the machine to continue going even after a while. This will help you to save money on repairs and ensure that the system lasts longer than normal.


The filter is one of the important parts of your system, because it is going to help to filter out any dust and debris that gathers up in the system. The filter will need to be replaced from time to time, so it is important to ensure that you take a good look at it. Sometimes all you will need to do is give it a quick clean, but at other times you are going to have to get a new one. Some people will keep several fresh filters ready for when it needs to be replaced. While it is often advised that you need to ensure the filter is replaced once a month, you can get away with doing it a couple of times a year. In order to get away with this, you must make sure to clean the filter out first.

You will need to make sure that you keep up a regular level of inspections with your system. This is going to mean having a look at the machine and ensuring and everything is working well. You can do this at least once a month, usually when you go to clean the filter. Yearly inspections from a professional are also going to be needed. You will need to have someone come in and have a good look at the system to ensure that everything is still going fine. A yearly inspection will ensure that your system is always working.

Inspect Before Summer
If you are going to have your annual inspection, then you will need to make sure that you do this before the summer time comes up. Everyone wants to make sure that their systems are working properly, so it will be important to do this as soon as you can. The summer time is going to put a lot of demand on your machine, so you will need to make sure that you get everything fixed. This will make things a little bit easier for you in the long run.

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Finding the right air conditioning contractor for your business

When running a business, it is important to keep not only your customers happy and content but also your employees. One way to do this is with an air conditioning system. An air conditioning system allows for the home to be nice and cool during the summer months so employees can remain comfortable while in the work place. Business owners need to have a properly licensed and skilled HVAC contractor on hand to be able to keep the workplace air conditioning systems in top working order. It is important for business owners to find the right contractor to meet their business needs. Below are few tips to find the right person for the job!

Consult Other Business Owners

One way to find a reliable and trustworthy air conditioning contractor for your business is to speak with other business owners. Meet with other business owners located on your block or people you may know in the business community. They may be able to shed light on who would be best able to help you with your HVAC needs. Others who have been in business longer in the area should have worked with HVAC contractors in the past and can be a great asset to you finding a provider.

Meet with Potential Companies

Another option is to meet with potential contractors to see what they can provide your business. You want to work with people who are willing to work with you and go the extra mile. You need to keep your employees and customers comfortable so you need to find a contractor that you can work closely with. Determine which companies you would consider working with and set up meetings with the owner or manager. Find out what services they can provide your company as well as if they are willing to work out certain deals for service. You may find you can trade services with the owner and get a better deal on the services you need for your business.

Consult the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is also a great resource for business owners to use to their advantage. You can use this resource to find out about companies in your area that are top rated in the industry. The BBB can give you information on which companies are top rated as well as those that have bad ratings. You want to be sure to work with someone who is accredited with the Better Business Bureau as well as has a high rating of service. Determine which options you want to work with and find out from the BBB how well they are rated.

Overall, it is best to research your options locally and work to find the best company to suit the cooling needs for your business. Once you research the options available, you will certainly be able to find a company that will work for you and your cooling needs. Be sure to keep up with all services needed for your air conditioning system so your employees will continue to have a comfortable and cool work environment.

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