Air Conditioning

Fans Or A/C – Which Is Better?

Fans may not be the most advanced piece of technology but they continue to be in use in our modern world. In fact, it is probably due to their simplicity that they still enjoy such immense popularity. They consist of a plastic or metal blade, a motor, a protective casing, and a few button controls. As long as electricity is applied to the motor, the attached blade will spin rapidly. This movement causes the air around the device flow quickly from the back to the front, thus increasing circulation. The blast of wind does not lower room temperature but it does promote evaporative cooling as sweat dries from skin.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, are more complicated machines that seem to keep on rising in sophistication. They are composed of a compressor, a condenser, condensing coils, evaporative coils, refrigerant, a thermostat, a control panel, air filters, tubing, and many other parts. Sometimes they come as a singular unit and at other times they are separated into interior and exterior units. They use heat transfer primarily through the refrigerant’s movement across the system to lower the temperature in a room or even an entire building. The air truly feels cold wherever you go in the confined space.

Although A/Cs offer superior comfort, their energy consumption leaves much to be desired. Assuming moderate use in a residential setting, people are likely to spend thousands of dollars per year in utility bills just to keep them running. This can be quite a burden for many who have other priorities to attend to. Fans, despite their limited cooling capabilities, consume a comparatively miniscule amount of energy. In fact, their contribution to the annual utility bills may not even reach a hundred dollars with extensive usage patterns.

In regions where heat never reaches an oppressive level, fans may well be enough to get people through the summer. However, there is a point at which no amount of air circulation will do. Having an air conditioner is still the best bet in most cases. Homeowners can have fans or A/C or both to get the comfort and the savings at the same time. The cooling effect of fans makes it possible to set the A/C temperature higher so that they consume less energy.

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