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Common Air Conditioning System Problems

Air Conditioning System Problems in unit regularly maintained will deliver the best return on your investment. Although these units are built to go years without needing repairs, there are times when they don’t work as designed. By identifying the most common causes and solutions to non-working units, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your home.

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Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant level should match the manufacturer’s specifications and the unit should not be undercharged or overcharged. If your central air conditioner needs charged frequently, it can indicate a leak in the pipes that carry the refrigerant to the unit. Getting Freon charged is a simple, easy fix. Refrigerant leaks can also be harmful to your home’s environment, so it is essential that you have any leaks repaired immediately.

Sensor and Thermostat Problems

The sensors in your thermostat will largely determine the quality and consistency of the air blowing into your home. If the sensors on your thermostat are broken, it can cause your unit to behave erratically, cycling on and off and refusing to turn off. Checking thermostat to make sure the sensors are correct is the best way to diagnose and fix this problem.

Dirty and Damaged Components

When the air filters and coils become dirty and damaged, they can affect your unit’s performance. Wires can corrode and become damaged, causing the compressor and fan controls to wear out. This can mean a major repair down the line, so it is essential to have regular maintenance performed on your unit.

During the fall and winter months, debris like rocks, branches and leaves can clog your exterior unit, affecting its performance. During regular maintenance when Air Conditioning System Problems, your heating and cooling technician will troubleshoot your exterior unit, replacing any damaged hoses that might lead to weakened performance.

Problems With the Motor

If your unit is not blowing air at all, it could indicate a blown motor. To test the motor, go out to your exterior unit and check to see if the blades are rotating as normal. If they are not, it can indicate that the motor is blown. Motors often wear down before they blow out completely, so having your system maintained will catch this before it becomes a major problem.

Getting Regular Maintenance on Air Conditioning System Problems

The key to enjoying a comfortable home year round is to schedule annual maintenance on your air conditioning system problems. A certified technician will visit your home and perform a complete diagnostic, ensuring that all parts are working correctly.

Don’t delay in scheduling your maintenance. In many cases, a certified technician can catch small problems before they become major repair issues. Schedule your maintenance at the beginning of the cooling season for best results.

Call your technician and schedule your annual maintenance today.