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What Are Some Signs My Furnace Isn’t Working Properly?

There are numerous furnace warning signs that homeowners should look out for to gauge whether they need to call a technician or get a replacement. It is important to watch out for the signs listed below to avoid more serious problems.

• Sudden and Unusual Noises
Most homeowners are used to the usual operating noises of their furnace switching on and air blowing through; however, sometimes a strange noise might develop that they have not heard before. A few causes of furnace noises include air leaks, unbalanced blower motor belts, cracks in the heat exchanger, blower motor bearings and more. Most furnace noises are a sign that something needs quick readjustment while others are a warning of a more serious problem. In any event, homeowners who hear strange noises coming from their furnaces should call a licensed HVAC technician immediately.

• Strange Odors
It is never a good sign when one’s furnace is giving off a strange smell. Homeowners who find themselves in such a situation should try to identify the smell to know how to proceed. A strange smell may be an indication of a system malfunction, or worse, a gas leak or oil leak. Depending on the type of smell, one should shut off the system, evacuate the house and call the HVAC contractor or 911 for help.

• Old Furnace
The question of when to replace an old furnace is a tough one to answer objectively for most homeowners. This is because they know how expensive it is to replace a furnace. On the other hand, they also understand that they need to let go at some point to avoid increased frequency and cost of repairs as well as increased electricity bills. Usually, furnaces that are more than ten years old are more vulnerable to breakdowns and eventual replacement.

• Thermostat Malfunction
When a homeowner notices that some rooms are too hot while others are too cold, or that he or she is frequently adjusting the thermostat to stay warm and comfortable, there may be a problem with the thermostat. A licensed HVAC technician can fix the problem quickly and effectively.

• Yellow Furnace Flame
A furnace that is running at peak efficiency should produce a blue flame. A yellow flame is an indication of incomplete combustion due to an obstructed airflow. Incomplete combustion produces carbon monoxide, which is a very deadly gas. Homeowners who notice a yellow flame should call a licensed contractor immediately.

Regular furnace inspection and maintenance should keep your furnace running at peak efficiency for longer. Call your local HVAC Contractors for heating system and furnace service.