Answering FAQs About Furnace Repairs

The furnace is one of the most hardworking of all your home’s appliances. It has the unenviable task of keeping your entire home warm and comfortable during the coolest months. Without proper maintenance, however, its efficiency is bound to decline, which could lead to its premature failure.

Don’t fret, though; an ailing furnace doesn’t merit an automatic replacement. In many instances a timely heating repair can successfully save your unit and restore optimal performance. But who should do it? And is it worth the cost? Today, let’s answer some of your biggest questions about furnace repairs:

Can a DIYer Fix a Broken Furnace?

You can try, but you shouldn’t. No matter how much faith you have in your abilities, tinkering with your broken heating equipment is more trouble than it’s worth, and you’ll be needlessly putting yourself at risk of electrocution. Besides, you need a complete arsenal of specialized tools to safely disassemble your furnace.

Also, you can’t become as proficient as a professional technician merely by watching YouTube videos. A furnace is a complex machine that can be difficult to understand, and botching the job will only make matters worse.

Do All Furnace Problems Require Professional Attention?

Not all malfunctioning furnaces are actually broken; some are just acting up because the thermostat setting is incorrect, there’s no power supply or the filter is dirty. Performing basic troubleshooting can make your unit blow warm air again in no time. As long as you know which lines you shouldn’t cross, troubleshooting can be done without harm to yourself or the unit.

Does Preventive Maintenance Eliminate Furnace Issues?

Furnace problems can happen no matter what you do, but regular inspections and tune-ups will help reduce the likelihood of failure. If your unit breaks down despite adopting preventive maintenance measures, calling in a professional for an emergency repair should fix the problem right away.

Don’t Procrastinate a Necessary Heating Repair in Palo Alto

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