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SEER: Understand the rating system and how it affects the quality of AC System

Installing a new AC system is quite overwhelming at times. There is so much to consider that you can become bogged down in the decision making process. Working with a trusted contractor can help take that stress out of the situation. You can easily find a licensed and certified contractor to help you answer all your AC system questions.

One of those questions you may have is about the SEER rating. This rating is one that in recent years have become a huge factor in the air conditioning industry. Take a look at what it is and how it affects your AC system.

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What is the SEER? AC System

The SEER rating is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This basically tells you how well your new system will cool your home in the peak seasons. This is a number that in recent years has been raised by the government requirements. Now units must maintain a minimum rating of 13 on all units produced. This rating is important because it tells you how efficient your new AC system is.

Why does it matter?

When installing your new unit, you want one that is good for the environment and good for your wallet. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit is at cooling your home. That means it takes less drain on the system and uses less energy to do the same job your current unit is doing. For example, moving up a few rating on the SEER scale can sometimes mean a savings of $300 a year in your power bill. This means you can save money on installing this new unit and even get rebates for your Energy Star approved appliance. Some offer tax rebates through both the federal government and the utility company.

How do I know the right one?

That is a question to ask your contractor. They work with these units everyday and can recommend the best products for your ideal situation. All homes and offices are different sizes and have different cooling needs. When you are considering installing your new unit be sure to talk with your contractor about the SEER rating to better get an understanding of it. They can assist you in finding the perfect unit for all your cooling needs.

Your contractor should be licensed, insured and certified before you work with them. Be sure to ask questions of them and be comfortable with the answers you are given. They can give you tons of information and help you to lower your energy bills and your energy consumption all at one time.

Do not forget to research the SEER ratings on the units you are interested in to see how well they will cool your home when installed. You can easily find an efficient system and cut costs in your home today. Start saving money and energy by installing a higher rated air conditioning system in your home today.

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