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What are the True Benefits of Programmable Thermostats?

When you read articles about programmable thermostats promising 10-30 percent reductions in energy usage (a figure that comes from the Environmental Protection Agency), you’re probably skeptical and that’s understandable. It isn’t clear how thermostat technology alone, no matter how responsive and precisely programmable it might be, could cause such a radical reduction in energy consumption.

In fact there have been studies carried out that failed to back up the EPA’s claims. One 2007 research project, for example, found that homeowners who installed ENERGY STAR smart thermostats were only able to reduce their use of natural gas by an average of 6.2 percent per household.

But skepticism about programmable thermostat technology is misdirected. Unfortunately many people who purchase these innovative control devices don’t put enough thought into how they are used, and for this reason their investment doesn’t pay off the way it could or should.

Sound Strategies for Programmable Thermostat Use

If you reduce your thermostat setting by one degree Fahrenheit for eight hours each day in winter, you can cut your total monthly energy usage by one percent. This means a 10 degree reduction for eight hours each day (presumably while you sleep) could reduce your energy consumption by 10 percent, which is in line with the low end of the EPA’s projection.

This is an example of how programmable thermostats can save you money. When you know you’ll be away from home or sleeping you can program your HVAC system to produce lower or higher temperatures than normal, depending on the season. You can also program the system to heat things up or cool them back down again shortly before you wake up or return. This is especially easy to do if you have a thermostat with Wi-Fi capability, since these devices can be remotely programmed from any location (as long as you have a mobile phone or computer access).

The key to successful programmable thermostat use is attention to detail. Set if for one temperature when you’re home, another for when you’re sleeping and another for when you’re away. Plan ahead of time and program your thermostat ahead of time to make sure your time is exact, and don’t start the process of warming up or cooling down the home any earlier than 30 minutes from the time you expect to return home or get up in the morning.

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If you use your programmable thermostat correctly it will reduce your energy bills, and it will do so consistently and significantly enough to pay off your initial investment many times over.

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