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7 Common Plumbing Problems That Old Homes Face

There’s something enchanting about old homes, but they tend to share one big secret: plumbing problems, faulty heating, and air conditioning systems. Although it’s relatively easy to identify and replace broken furnaces and air conditioning units, it’s not always the case with defective pipes.

Plumbing problems

Here are some of the common plumbing problems hiding in old houses:

1. Stolen Copper Piping

Many 20th-century homes have copper pipes, which are an unwanted feature because of their attractive resale value. If your house was built before the banning of lead, any remaining copper piping in it might have been fitted with lead-based solders.

2. Corrosion

Metals corrode over time–even galvanized steel. When their protective zinc coating erodes, the exposed iron of galvanized pipes becomes susceptible to rust. When left unchecked, the water could turn orange and become unsafe to use.

3. Pipe Belly Formation

Pipe bellies are piping that bowed or buckled because of house settling. They affect the efficiency of the pipework to direct water to the sewer line, which can cause poor drainage and clogging.

4. Polybutylene Pipe Leakage

Builders and homeowners alike once considered polybutylene pipes to be excellent water pipe products because of their affordability and ease of installation. However, after some time, they were found to fail with constant exposure to water along with its dissolved solids. If your home was constructed between the late ‘70s and early ‘90s, it might have leaky polybutylene pipes.

5. Clogging

Even with routine maintenance, any experienced plumber would say it’s hard to keep the pipework blockage-free for about half a century. Decades of sewage and soap scum might take a toll on your old home’s drains, filling and clogging them with gunk.

6. Original Fixture Wear

Original faucets, handles, valves, and spigots might cause leakage with time and use, leading to unnaturally high utility bills and foul smells.

7. Tree Root Intrusion

Your home might be so old tree roots might have penetrated through its sewer lines. Only experienced technicians can verify whether you have these plumbing problems or not; schedule regular inspections to keep the sewage from backing up.

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