Most Common Questions Plumber Contractors Encounter

Plumbing projects aren’t only messy and disruptive; they can also be costly. It’s only natural, or even advisable, to be inquisitive to make a sound hiring decision and get the most value for your money.


To improve your interviewing skills, here are the most common questions homeowners ask plumbers:

Are You Licensed?

In California, professionals need to obtain a valid license to perform plumbing work. Licensing requirements are in place to test the competency of candidates, and help monitor their business practices.

Hiring a licensed plumbing contractor comes with many benefits. In addition to enjoying peace of mind that you’d be dealing with a rule-abiding company, you can also get added protection from unsatisfactory work. In case of misunderstandings, the state licensing board is a powerful friend to iron things out. On the contrary, you’d have no ally if you get into a dispute with an unlicensed contractor.

Further, a licensed contractor can help you pull the necessary permits for your project. Unlicensed contractors would advise you against it because they don’t want to involve the authorities in the job given that they have illegitimate business status.

What’s Included in the Bid?

Study the estimate before signing the contract. Good estimates indicate material, labor, and permit (if necessary) costs, but they might not include a buffer for contingencies. Plus, don’t assume that all contractors don’t charge extra for cleanup. Be specific with the products you’d buy to eliminate guesswork and make your estimate as accurate as possible.

Can You Help Me Qualify for Rebates?

Did you know that pursuing water efficiency with faultless plumbing could keep more dollars in your pocket? Many utility companies and local governments provide rebates to incentivize environmentally conscious homeowners. Ask your plumber about the ins and outs of the rebate programs that you qualify for to facilitate the process, and reap financial rewards.

Entrust the Job to a Licensed Plumber in Palo Alto

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