Sewer Leak

How To Know If You Need A New Hot Water Heater

If you’ve never had to purchase a hot water heater for your home, you may not know when to replace your water heater. Home water heaters that are built with

Water Leak

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: What Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and How Can You Prevent It?

What Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that, when ingested in certain quantities, can result in illness and/or death. It’s extremely toxic and doubly dangerous

Sewer Backup

What Are Some Signs My Furnace Isn’t Working Properly?

There are numerous furnace warning signs that homeowners should look out for to gauge whether they need to call a technician or get a replacement. It is important to watch


Complying With Efficiency Standards Requires A Substantial Investment

Each year the U.S Department of Energy, also called the DOE, works with professionals in the HVAC industry to reduce the amount of energy and fuel wasted during the operation

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Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

A power surge is a brief spike in electricity voltage passing through the line. Household electronics may survive one power surge; however, hard-wired electronics are the first to suffer when

Nate Certification

NATE Certification Provides An Additional Level Of Expertise

It’s not unusual for people to ask — what does NATE certified mean? After all, unless you are in the heating and cooling industry, chances are this is not something

Energy Efficient Cooling

Lower The AC Or Turn On A Ceiling Fan: Which Is More Energy Efficient?

Energy Efficient Cooling for Savings and Comfort Have you been looking for an effective way to lower summer cooling bills? With the temperatures rising, many homeowners are anxious to find

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Common Air Conditioning System Problems

Air Conditioning System Problems in unit regularly maintained will deliver the best return on your investment. Although these units are built to go years without needing repairs, there are times

Air Filter

Extend the Life of Your Heater by Changing The Air Filter

Air Filter: Discover the Importance For many people, it is important to stay on top of maintaining their HVAC system in order to properly prepare for the winter. As soon

Furnace Survives Winter

How To Make Sure Your Furnace Survives Winter

List of Contents Furnace Survives Winter Understand the Furnace During winter, it’s important to make sure your furnace continues working properly. For a gas Furnace Survives Winter, all that is