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Common Plumbing Myths That Can Cost You More Money

Plumbing is one of the least glamorous aspects of home ownership, and every time a plumbing issue arises you can expect it to be a troublesome and inconvenient time for everyone in the household. Sometimes circumstances can worsen to the point that repair costs become more expensive because of misconceptions about the plumbing system. Below are some common ones that can cost you money: 

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Mixing boiling water with grease. 

Grease in any form should never be poured down the drain. This old will only cause problems, and your drainage system may eventually suffer from a complete breakdown. Make sure to dispose of grease in the trash, far away from any pipes that it could clog.

Flushing bleach-containing tablets. 

If you’re using bleach to clean your toilet, make sure to finish up within 10 minutes of application. Otherwise, the bleach will degrade the working parts of your toilet and could potentially lead to the corrosion of your entire toilet. Your local plumber will likely advise you to be extremely careful when using bleach. Don’t hesitate to ask them for more tips or other, better alternatives.

DIYing plumbing repairs. 

While some plumbing repairs can be DIYed, nothing beats the long-term solutions that a plumbing professional can provide you. Whether you’re dealing with leaky pipes or more complex repairs, hiring a plumber to check and assess your plumbing system is still the best option. This enables you to avoid costly mistakes that are easy to commit during a DIY job.

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