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Home Projects To Save Money This Winter

Save Money This Winter

As the cold winter months approach, there are certain things that can be done around the home to save money this winter. Heating a home can get expensive, but there are home improvement projects that can cut these costs. Here are some easy tasks that will be good for the budget this winter.

Attic Insulation

When a home feels drafty, it usually means that there is a leak or poor insulation. Commonly, the attic is the place where insulation is needed the most. Adding it to the space can greatly cut heating costs. Minimum code will vary, but usually requires between R-22 and R-49 insulation. To reach into tight spaces, many people will choose a loose fill insulation. This can applied by a homeowner or through an insulation specialist. In the end, the home will retain heat and energy bills will decrease.

Basement Leaks

Basements are another area of the home that can contribute to heat loss and high energy bills in the Save Money This Winter. It is crucial to examine the space, especially the rim joists and sill plates. If this is the case, a person can caulk the edges to seal the items. It may also be necessary to incorporate some sort of insulation as well.

Storm Windows

Most people do not like the idea of storm windows. However, today’s storm windows have been greatly improved over the last few decades. They can be left on windows all through the year. Some come with special coating that cuts heat loss by great amounts. When a home has single panel windows, storm windows are one of the best home improvements that can be done to lower heat loss and lower heating bills in Save Money This Winter.

Space Heaters

When a person is able to lower the thermostat during the winter, money will be saved. This can be difficult, especially during cold months. In order to stay warm, a person may consider using space heaters. Small electric heaters are the simplest way to warm up a space. However, a person will need to lower the home’s thermostat by over five degrees in order to see a savings.

Heating Service

Another simple way to save money this winter us to have an old heating unit replaced. A professional HVAC service will be able to evaluate an old unit and make arrangements when new heater installation is necessary. After the new equipment is in place, it is important to perform heater maintenance each year to keep the unit working properly. It will also extend the life of the unit as well.

All of the above projects will help to make a home more energy efficient and save money. It is important to recognize the likely places where heat has a chance to escape or improvements can be made to make the space more energy efficient. Correcting the problems will be worth the time, especially when heating expenses fall.