Furnace Survives Winter

How To Make Sure Your Furnace Survives Winter

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Furnace Survives Winter Understand the Furnace

During winter, it’s important to make sure your furnace continues working properly. For a gas Furnace Survives Winter, all that is needed is a quick inspection.A quick inspection can be the difference between your family freezing or staying warm and comfortable. Even if winter has already arrived, it’s never too late to get an inspection. It’s much better to pay for some preventive maintenance than discovering the hard way that your furnace isn’t capable of keeping your family comfortable.

In most cases, furnaces that run on gas are installed in a non-livable area of a home. For example, a Furnace Survives Winter might be installed in an attic, closet or basement. Although furnaces are quite easy to maintain, they require regular attention from homeowners.

Sadly, a lot of homeowners don’t think that they need to worry about their furnace if their heat is working. Although homeowners don’t need to know much about their furnace, it’s crucial that they pay attention to it. A basic inspection is an excellent place to start. There are some simple questions that homeowners can ask themselves.

What to Look For Furnace Survives Winter 

Homeowners should check to see if their furnace is making weird noises, and they should also look for water around the boiler portion of the furnace. A tiny drip can cause serious problems. Homeowners should check the general area around their furnace and make sure it’s free of debris.

Belongings should never be stored around a furnace. Paint and cleaning supplies are at an even greater risk of catching fire when placed near a furnace. A lot of products can actually evaporate and cause the parts inside of a furnace to corrode.

It’s very important to have a working carbon monoxide detector near the furnace. If a furnace is not working properly, it can leak carbon monoxide into the home. Most experts as astonished when they learn how many homes don’t have a working carbon monoxide detector.

Hiring a Professional

It’s almost always a good idea to hire a professional. In most cases, it’s not incredibly expensive to hire a licensed and certified technician.

Experts say homeowners should have their furnace inspected annually. A professional at Palo Alto Plumbing Heating & Air of Palo Alto, CA can inspect a gas furnace and determine if any parts need to be replaced. A lot of furnaces need a new fan belt, air filter or thermocouple.

Tips for Homeowners

During winter, homeowners can use several tips to prevent furnace issues. They should always keep track of the boiler’s water pressure, which should be around 12 or 15 PSI.

It’s also important to check the thermostat and see what it’s set to run at while you’re away from your home. This thermostat setting should not be ignored. With this information, homeowners are better equipped to make sure their heating system will keep their family warm during winter.