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Tips to Prepare for Emergency AC Problems

An emergency air conditioning problem is something nobody wants to run into, however, it can happen no matter what. Although you can’t completely prevent a problem, you can prepare for it. Use these tips:

Stay Calm

The best advice any experienced air conditioning repair service technician could give you is to not panic. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can be stressful and frustrating, but many issues are conveniently easy to fix.

Basic troubleshooting will help you identify the cause of the failure by checking the power, the thermostat setting, and the filter, in that order. Many systems won’t work properly if they were turned off, set too high, or have dirty filters.

Don’t Try to do it Yourself

If you think that your cooling equipment has bigger problems than you can handle, don’t touch it anymore. Air conditioning repairs are not recommended for non-professionals. They require technical skills and specialized tools and involve high levels of electricity. Botching the job could worsen the issue, void the product’s warranty, or cause a fire.

Build a Connection With a Technician

Facing an emergency air conditioning repair shouldn’t be the only time when you need to look for a technician. You should already have a reliable one in your phonebook who could come to your rescue night or day. Remember, air conditioning issues tend to happen during the summer, which most technicians consider the busiest time of the year. If your unit suddenly stops working at 2 AM, on a weekend, or during a holiday, finding an emergency technician can be a struggle.

Get a Routine Maintenance Plan

One of the greatest benefits of having a preventive HVAC maintenance plan is getting prioritized for emergency repairs. Ask your technician if you could make such an arrangement. Paying a little more for this privilege would be worth it in your hour of need.

Find a Reliable Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service Partner

Palo Alto Plumbing Heating and Air takes pride in offering air conditioning repair services 365 days a year to local customers. We always attend to any air conditioning issues and are happy to serve customers no matter the time of day. Plus, we can create the perfect routine maintenance plan to keep your cooling equipment in good repair and reduce the chance of failure. Call us at (650) 856-3400 now or fill out this form to discuss your air conditioning service needs.