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Can Your Air Conditioner Help Relieve Your Allergies?

Allergies can be bothersome, not only in the spring but at any time of the year, as some allergens are always present in your home. During cooling season when all your windows and doors are shut, indoor allergens can become even worse. Fortunately, your HVAC system can help combat this problem.

HVAC Maintenance

Read on to find out how your air conditioner can help relieve your allergies from a cooling and heating repair expert.

Air Conditioning & Allergies

The more humid an environment is, the more allergens flourish. An efficient, properly-maintained air conditioner can act as a dehumidifier. Warm air circulates through the AC, cooling and condensing it. The conditioned air is then blown out until the desired temperature is reached.

Changing your filter regularly can improve your indoor air quality. It can also help improve your heating and cooling system’s performance. Invest in high-quality HEPA filters, as they can prevent pollen from circulating in your space. Not changing your AC filters as recommended by the manufacturer can cause particles to recirculate into your home. Another feature that can make your indoor air healthier is UV lights. These lights will kill mold and bacteria in your cooling system as well as sterilize the air you breathe at home.

Is It Time to Get a New AC?

Old air conditioners could contain allergens that have built up over the years, making them a hazard to your health. When it’s time to get a new AC, invest in quality equipment, and make sure to regularly maintain it. A clean, efficient HVAC system can help minimize allergens.

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