Water Leak

What to Do When You Want Energy-Efficient Plumbing

Thanks to technology, your home can reduce the amount of energy it uses to maintain its temperature and get rid of waste. While some of this technology could be more expensive upon installation, being able to save money on water and electricity bills for the rest of your life may be a good payoff. At some point, you’ve recouped the cost of installation and are working on reduced bills.

So how do you make your plumbing and heating more efficient? Here are some important things to do:

Check and Repair Leaks

The biggest culprit of waste in a plumbing system is leakage. Check all your faucets, toilets, pipes for moisture, dripping and puddles. While your fixtures may just need a cleanup or some sealant, consider swapping out the older ones for new ones.

Use a Tankless Water Heater

A water heater that includes a tank uses up electricity constantly by keeping the water in the tank warm for everyone. If you use a system that heats the water instantly as you demand it, you conserve heating energy and water. In turn, you have an unlimited supply of hot water as long as your heating system can keep up with the demand.

Use High-Efficiency Fixtures

Newer bathroom fixtures are able to use pressure to deliver stronger water streams with lesser volume. When you’re using a faucet or shower, you need the pressure to be stronger, not the volume to be larger when you want to clean the dishes or yourself.

Use a High-Efficiency Toilet

Just like your faucet and shower fixtures, swapping out your toilet for something that can create greater pressure may be better at conserving water in your home.

Plumbing That Saves Money and the Environment

An expert opinion and consultation can go a long way in helping you determine which fixtures and heating systems can save you money and energy. Give Palo Alto Plumbing Heating & Air a call at (650) 856-3400 to set up an appointment. Make sure to ask for a complete quotation for labor and materials.