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The Importance of Choosing the Correct Air Filter for Your Home HVAC System

Using the wrong air filter can affect your heating and air conditioning’s performance and energy efficiency. We recommend consulting with AC professionals before choosing your air filter if you want to prevent future problems with your system.

Palo Alto Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning explains what happens when you use the wrong air filter or install an air filter incorrectly:

Why Choosing the Right Heating and Air Conditioning Filter Is Important

Using the wrong air filter can reduce your heating and air conditioning immediately system’s energy efficiency and performance. The wrong size of air filter won’t effectively prevent dust from accumulating on your HVAC’s blowers and motors. This debris can end up harming the system’s components over time and even decrease your interior’s air quality.

Another common air filter mistake is installing the filter incorrectly. One side of the filter is more porous than the other, so if the filter was installed the opposite way then your HVAC has to work harder to perform its job. The air quality inside your living space also goes down when a filter is installed the wrong way because the filter cannot capture dust particles as well when the air moves through the filter in the wrong direction.

Preventing Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

Fortunately, you can prevent these heating and air conditioning system problems from happening. First, check if your manufacturer has a filter that they recommend using. If your unit has no recommended filter types or if you want to upgrade, ask for the advice of an experienced HVAC professional. They have the knowledge and understanding of your system to make the right choices for you. Lastly, when changing your filters install them the right way and double check it before turning your system on.

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