How to Find an Energy Auditor, and Why You Need One

An energy-efficient home provides many benefits, from energy savings to improved heating and air conditioning system performance. The first step to improving home energy efficiency is having an energy audit conducted by a certified auditor. In this blog, Palo Alto guides you in your search for an energy auditor.

How to Find an Energy Auditor, and Why You Need One

Why Do You Need an Energy Audit?

Your home has unique energy requirements, and perhaps unique energy deficiencies, as well. There may be fundamental issues related to insulation, outdated appliances that consume too much energy or simply improper energy usage habits. While you can buy the most energy-efficient replacement windows and the latest ENERGY STAR®-certified appliances if you want to save energy, you probably won’t get the most out of these upgrades if your home has fundamental energy issues such as those previously mentioned. This is where an energy audit can save the day. A professional energy auditor has the tools and know-how to find issues that negatively impact your overall energy consumption, and at the end of the energy audit, will provide you with a report that details your home’s energy issues. More importantly, the energy auditor will help you come up with a plan for addressing these issues.

Finding an Energy Auditor

A quick internet search yields dozens of results for potential energy auditors, but the best ones are recommended by the California Energy Commission. The Residential Energy Services Network also has a directory of certified energy raters and auditors in the area. In addition, you can ask your electric or gas utility provider if they provide such services, or if they can recommend an experienced auditor. If you intend to hire an energy auditor from somewhere else, choose one that is certified by the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI).

After the Audit

Your energy audit results will likely include your heating and air conditioning systems to some degree. Our certified technicians at Palo Alto have the skills and knowledge to perform any necessary repairs to your system, as well as ensure a positive effect on your home’s energy efficiency with the HVAC-related work we do.

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