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Plumbing Basics Every Homeowner Should Know

You can learn a lot over the years as a homeowner. While some info you may pick up can be of a trivial nature, there are essential things you need to pick up sooner rather than later. Basic plumbing concepts fall into this category.
Plumbing Basic

To avert potential plumbing emergencies from brewing into full-blown disasters, you’ll need to have a firm grasp of the basics. Learn more below.

The Trap Keeps You Safe From Noxious Fumes in Plumbing

The trap beneath bathroom or kitchen sinks isn’t there to merely save important items from being inadvertently flushed down the drain pipes. Keep in mind that the sink drains are directly connected to the sewer. As such, noxious gases emanating from sewers can have a direct line to your home. Most of these gases are enough to make you sick. In rare cases, they can even cause explosions.

Every Plumbing Fixture Features a Shutoff Valve

The main water valve isn’t the only place where you can shut off the water supply. Should you need to cut off certain aspects of your home from water sources you can simply use their individual valve fixtures. It pays to inspect the various valves in your home and make a note of their location so you can isolate certain areas when the need to do so arises.

Reading the Water Meter Makes You Privy to Plumbing Leaks

By making an effort to check up on your water meter readings with regularity, you can easily spot spikes in your water consumption that leaks usually cause. In addition, homeowners should know what the ideal amount of pressure should be for their plumbing. Water pressure should be no more than 80 psi; anything more than that can be too much for your plumbing to handle, leading to inevitable leaks. The determine the exact amount of water pressure there is in your system, you can either make use of a water pressure gauge or call the experts to check it for you.

Water Heaters Require Plumbing Maintenance

Most homeowners fall prey to the notion that water heaters don’t require steady maintenance. This line of thinking paves the way for malfunctioning water heaters due to neglect. Tanks can easily develop sediments while anode rods can corrode and deteriorate rapidly. It’s crucial to keep a steady maintenance schedule to keep such issues from becoming full-blown heating concerns.

Plumbing is an art responsible for proper waste drainage and noxious gas protection. While it takes years for professionals to refine their skills, a little knowledge about plumbing concepts can indeed benefit homeowners as well. Make it a point to acquaint yourself with the basics so you can keep your home efficient, safe, and healthy.

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